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Turning a cookie into a cupcake

My boyfriend was set to visit and I wanted to make him something special, something to make his mouth say "YUMMY!" I asked him what kind of cupcake he wanted and somehow we came to the idea that we wanted to turn a Girl Scout Samoa cookie into a cupcake.

I searched all over the internet and found recipes and compiled one of my own.

The Samoa Cupcake!
This cupcake turned out amazing! So what you have is a Chocolate Cupcake with a Shortbread Cookie bottom, Triple Salted Caramel Buttercream frosting, Toasted Coconut on top with a homemade Caramel and Chocolate Ganache drizzle. And boy were these amazing! They were so good that I had to turn them into a cake pop as well! Wowza. Definitely a keeper in the recipe book!

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