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Lots and Lots of Red Velvet

So I was asked by my Mom and cousin to make 3 dozen Red Velvet cupcakes for my Aunt's 50th Birthday Party. Now being the perfectionist that I am when it comes to Red Velvet (I still think Sprinkles makes the BEST Red Velvet out there) I knew I had to get these as close to perfect as possible.

I decided to make the frosting Saturday night. I took the Sprinkles recipe for Cream Cheese Frosting and added fresh vanilla bean to it. I didn't add as much confectioners sugar as normal and the frosting came out superb. It was just the right amount of sweetness and I could definitely have eatin this by the spoonful.

Sunday morning I woke up bright and early to start the cupakes. The first batch the oven screwed me on and the bottoms came out burnt but the other 4 dozen came out perfect. I ended up making about 43 cupcakes and then used some of them to make cake balls...which I might add came out so yummy and decadent.

Now on for some pics...

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